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A summer vacation means a Fine Stay at Hotel Park ocean, among Top Hotels near Jhotwara Road Jaipur. Read more:


5 things to take care of while planning your holiday


Whenever we plan a trip, it is the luxurious and comfortable stay that we look forward to. Holidays are actually meant to relax and retrieve but there are times when the trips become stressful instead of rejuvenating you. So, we have listed down the things that you must take care of before leaving your home town to ensure a chilling holiday-

Tickets – Get your tickets pre-booked not only of the destination but also of the places that require advance booking. Sometimes, we just miss out on great opportunities only because of mismanagement and ignorance.

Itinerary – Always make sure that your trip is well planned. Make an itinerary based on your research of all the places that are there. Although, there may be certain changes that you might encounter on reaching but it is always safe to have a blue print of the trip.

Stay – It is the stay that causes the most trouble. If you don’t get good sleep on a holiday then what is the point of it at all. So, see that your hotel provides all the facilities that you need. However, if you’re planning of coming to Jaipur, then you can find some of the Best Hotel near Sikar Road. So, do check them out.

Food  Plan to visit the best eating joints in any city as food is one of those things that changes with every region. You just cannot blow away your appetite with boring food. Therefore, do look for all the good food joints that come up on your way.

Conveyance If you’re planning of hiring your own car, then do it in advance. You might base your whole trip on it and then how would it be, if there is no car available. So, do make sure that you’re hiring it in advance for your convenience.

Now that you know what all you’ve to do in advance, just plan your holiday and stay at the Hotel in Sikar Road Jaipur.

Why Choose Hotel Park Ocean as your travel destination

Why Choose as your travel destination - Hotel Park Ocean

Why Family Vacations are Excellent at Budget Hotel on Sikar Road


Being on journey, travel or tour to nay place is a chance to experience the rawness and appeal of that place. And when in India on the golden triangle tour especially at Jaipur promises its own excitements and unique experiences. For with Sikar road Jaipur Hotel are moments lasting for a lifetime waiting to be unraveled and unleashed on any avid traveler and tourist. For families, there are better moments to find togetherness and explore the boundaries of bonding in the most serene and calm holiday settings.

And so it begs the question of what is unique and special at the hotels on Sikar road Jaipur to make it the ultimate family holiday destination for tireless intrepid traveler?

Book your Budget Stay Near Railway Station Jaipur with Hotel Park Ocean

Budget Stays yet Luxury Amenities; is it a budget journey or a luxurious family outing in the midst of the heritage rich desert city, the pink city? There are many reasons to enjoy and find the most appropriate ways to unwind in a get together that binds families together and in absolute peace of mind in heritage rich environs, affordable travel costs yet in the lap of awesome luxury.

Heritage Rich Getaways; for those keen of savoring the essence of heritage rich getaways there is extra joy in the hotels Sikar road Jaipur and for prominent good reasons. Being on the golden triangle and the capital of the dessert state of Rajasthan adds its premium attractions and pulls for guests and visitors.

 Savor Amazing Special Offers; for all the passionate travelers to Jaipur, hotels near Sikar road Jaipur are a constant provider of special season’s offers that elevate the entire tourist season to a whole new level of experiences and encounters.

Make the greatest memories and enjoy unforgettable holiday experiences at best hotel near Sikar road through Hotel Park Ocean.


Take pleasure in the Services by Hotel Park Ocean


Welcome the New Year in Majestic Style at Budget Hotel on Sikar Road Jaipur

With just a couple of days left to enter the New Year, the mood is palpably ecstatic with many people planning a holiday or getaway that accords them rest and solitude to internalize things. This makes for the most heroic and exciting moment especially when travelling to Jaipur, the pink city. For at the best budget hotel on Sikar Road Jaipur are a range of promotions and offers that can sway any holiday bound traveler to heights of glory and excitement.

Essentially, what makes the traveler prefer and opt for these hotels besides the offer and promise of better services and time while on holiday in the pink city? This is why you can find some of the most interesting and fascinating holiday plans at the best budget hotels on Sikar road Jaipur.


Find Tamasha, Latest Sensation in Town; new additions to services always bring sparks of excitement and interest as to what they really entail and have to offer to the holiday bound travelers. With Tamasha restaurant roof top restaurant there are more reasons to celebrate in incredible atmosphere serving great fusions food and lots of other entertainments and pastimes for a great holiday.

Festive Ecstatic Atmosphere; as the New Year draws close, the appeal and attraction of festivity is best felt in an appropriate regal environment filed with the most diverse services for maximum rest and enjoyment. The mood is upbeat and there is so much of variance of fun activity.

 Come find the best celebrated and most down to earth prices from the most luxurious budget hotel on Sikar Road Jaipur for unforgettable memories into the New Year through Hotel Park Ocean. Enjoy the passion and enduring appeal of the pink city’s attractions to the New Year at Hotel Park Ocean.