Welcome the New Year in Majestic Style at Budget Hotel on Sikar Road Jaipur

With just a couple of days left to enter the New Year, the mood is palpably ecstatic with many people planning a holiday or getaway that accords them rest and solitude to internalize things. This makes for the most heroic and exciting moment especially when travelling to Jaipur, the pink city. For at the best budget hotel on Sikar Road Jaipur are a range of promotions and offers that can sway any holiday bound traveler to heights of glory and excitement.

Essentially, what makes the traveler prefer and opt for these hotels besides the offer and promise of better services and time while on holiday in the pink city? This is why you can find some of the most interesting and fascinating holiday plans at the best budget hotels on Sikar road Jaipur.


Find Tamasha, Latest Sensation in Town; new additions to services always bring sparks of excitement and interest as to what they really entail and have to offer to the holiday bound travelers. With Tamasha restaurant roof top restaurant there are more reasons to celebrate in incredible atmosphere serving great fusions food and lots of other entertainments and pastimes for a great holiday.

Festive Ecstatic Atmosphere; as the New Year draws close, the appeal and attraction of festivity is best felt in an appropriate regal environment filed with the most diverse services for maximum rest and enjoyment. The mood is upbeat and there is so much of variance of fun activity.

 Come find the best celebrated and most down to earth prices from the most luxurious budget hotel on Sikar Road Jaipur for unforgettable memories into the New Year through Hotel Park Ocean. Enjoy the passion and enduring appeal of the pink city’s attractions to the New Year at Hotel Park Ocean.



Author: Hotel Park Ocean

Hotel Park Ocean offers the travelers numerous onsite facilities to maximize their experience. Hotel Park Ocean is one of the best hotel in Jaipur have several furnished rooms and suites, offers you a wide array of accommodation options.

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